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Leonard Peltier



11:00-12:00 Opening Ceremonies, Aztec Dancers


12:00 Columbus On Trial (18 min)


12:18 Discussion/Q &A (director, Lourdes Portillo)


12:30 The Modoc War (58 min)


1:30 Discussion/Q&A


1:40 Warrior: the Life of Leonard Peltier (1 hr, 25 min)


3:05 Discussion/Q&A


3: 25 Standing Rock Stand-off (20 min)


3:45 Discussion/Q&A (15 min)


4:00 Raffle/ Intermission


4:20 The Embrace of the Serpent (2 hrs. 5 min.)


6:25 Discussion/Q&A with Professor Jose Cuellar (15 min)


6:40 The Other Barrio (1 hr, 36 min)


8:16 Discussion/Q&A with Producer, Lou Dematteis (15 min)


8:30 Closing

Columbus on Trial


Columbus on Trial is a film directed by Lourdes Portillo in 1992. The 18-minute film, acted and co-written by the comic trio Culture Clash, acts out a simulated trial that Christopher Columbus is put in as they lived through the 500th anniversary of his discovery. The film commences by portraying a variety of journalists and reporters questioning Columbus's motives. They bombard him with all the questions that have arisen over the previous 500 years in regards to the controversy of whether he really did discover the New World for the betterment of the people. This meaning that he introduced European customs and beliefs as a way to improve the lives of the natives already residing in it, or whether he simply invaded these territories in order to impose his own culture and destroy theirs. In this film specifically, Portillo depicts Columbus as a man charged with slaughter against the natives living in the New World. With this film, Portillo supports the reconsideration of “official history”. (Wikipedia)

The Modoc War

(2011) Documentary

The Modoc War of 1872 to 1873 was one of the costliest American Indian wars in U.S. history, considering the number of people involved. For nearly seven months, a handful of Modoc Indian warriors and their families held off hundreds of U.S. Army soldiers.

The Embrace of the Serpent

(2015) Documentary

EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT tells the epic story of the first contact, encounter, approach, betrayal and, eventually, life-trascending friendship, between Karamakate, an amazonian shaman, last survivor of his people, and two scientists that, over the course of 40 years, travel through the Amazon in search of a sacred plant that can heal them. Inspired by the journals of the first explorers of the Colombian Amazon, Theodor Koch-Grunberg and Richard Evans Schultes.

The Other Barrio

San Francisco on edge. A Latino investigator sifting through the suspicious circumstances of a fatal fire in a residential hotel finds himself face to face with greed, corruption and his own personal demons. A SF Noir Films Production, produced by Louis F. Dematteis and Dante Betteo, adapted by Dante Betteo from a short story by San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia. Additional original material by Richard Montoya, directed by Dante Betteo. Starring Richard Montoya, Veronica Valencia, Geoff Hoyle, Pearl Wong, Vincent Calvarese, Brian J. Patterson, James Hiser, Melinna Bobadilla, Sean San Jose, Christopher White, Don Lacy, Michael Torres and David Klein. Filmed entirely in San Francisco and San Mateo counties, California, USA. 2014.

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