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Native Bay Circle

Listen Here.

Welcome to Bay Native Circle on KPFA radio 94.1 fm from 7-8 pm. Tonight in the studio I interview Ms. Sarah Eagle Heart, executive director of Native Americans in Philanthropy, based in Los Angeles. And a surprise guest in the studio from South Dakota is Senator Kevin Killer from Pine Ridge Reservation! He talks about voting and why we need to be involved in politics. Bismarck Delgado will read the Bay Native Calendar. In the second half of the show I will be speaking with Rigo 23 about political prisoners and Leonard Peltier 44 years in prison. Rigo 23 has an art exhibit with Leonard Peltier statue of 11 feet at the Main Museum in Los Angeles now through May 2018.

Music by John Trudell with “Time Dreams” and Buffy Saint Marie with ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.”

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