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Across Indian Land

This is Tony Gonzales and I am your host tonight May 18th on “Across Indian Land” starting at 8:30-9 pm on “La Onda Bajita” Chicano Low-Rider Show from 8-10 pm on KPFA radio.

Tonight I interview Bradley Angel, Executive Director of GreenAction in Health and Environmental Justice, who will help facilitate discussions with Mr. Ephraim Dutchie reporting from White Mesa, Utah of the Ute Nation about a uranium mill (only one left operating in the USA!) that has contaminated lands surrounding their reservation and on sacred sites; and with Chairman Lewis Hoaglin of the Wailaki Tribal Nation in Laytonville, Northern California, reporting on a community survey they conducted that indicates a cancer cluster on their 200 acre land-base and their appeal in desperate need for RELOCATION! The cancerous report with 5% higher than state average, and acknowledged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and government officials yet are reluctant to help because the cost and refurbishment of the land would be in the billions!

In both situations demonstrates the lack of respect for the health and well-being of American Indians, their land and cultural way of life. They have been denied by governmental bodies to take legal action to penalize and violate the corporations and sanitation systems responsible for committing these violations. With not safe-guard measures in both instances what are the alternative political actions to take? Resistance is our Existence!!! Organize, Organize, Organize!

All this and with commentaries, music and announcements stay tuned, and share with friends! Aho

All my relations!

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