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Bay Native Circle

Today on "Bay Native Circle" I interview Antu Nanku Antionao Soza, and his mother Jimena, about his people, the Indigenous Mapuche of Chile. Antu and Jimena represent the Bay Area WallMapu Support Comite. We talked about a demonstration held today in Temuco, Chile over the assignation of a young leader Camilio; I then speak with Juan Mancias, Tribal Chairman of the Carrizo/ Comecrudo Tribe, about protection of a sacred site along the Rio Grande, the Jackson Cemetary, and against the Wall proposed by President Trump. The Bay Native Calendar of events in the bay area is read by Bismarck Delgado, and music by CASINDIO! with Prof. Jose Montoya and his band of llamero casindios! Tune in, Enjoy and Stand Up for Mother Earth!

Ajo! Thank you mucho!

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