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Tony Gonzales' Interview on Flashpoints alongside North Dakota State Senator Ruth Ann Buffalo.

Leonard Peltier’s 78th birthday, was on September 12th which was talked about on September 7th's Flashpoints, where I (Tony Gonzales) was interviewed by Dennis "Burnstick" Bernstein alongside North Dakota State Senator Ruth Ann Buffalo.

North Dakota State Senator Ruth Ann Buffalo explains how she advanced within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a Resolution, last Saturday, urgently calling on Prez Joe Biden to release Leonard Peltier, immediately, after already serving 47 years for a crime the Feds know he didn’t commit. (‘The bullet don’t match the gun’..Buffy’s “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.”)

Also the recent endorsement by the DNC translates into representing 75 million voter’s across the country all in support for Leonard’s freedom & for his immediate release from prison!

With AIM GGC currently on the Walk for Freedom for Leonard Peltier, starting from Leech Lake Mn to Washington DC, September 1-arriving November 14, the attention and outreach along the way will generate thousands more people on the Capital steps calling for Leonard’s immediate release from prison.

We may be celebrating Leonard’s freedom before next year at the AIM 50th Anniversary of Wounded Knee 73’ on February 27, 2022!

Set your sights…& AIM high!

Ajo!  All my relations!

– Tony Gonzales of AIM West


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