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Vigil in Sacramentò on February 6th for Leonard Peltier

A vigil for political prisoner Leonard Peltier is called for in every Capital across the country.”

The FBI & it’s culture (including some journalists!) have carried a “vendetta” by perpetuating a lie against Leonard & say he was convicted of murdering two FBI agents, Jack Coler & Ronald Williams. That is not true. Ultimately Leonard was convicted of “Aiding & Abetting” & sentenced to two life terms. It’s nearly 48 year now.

The two other Warriors also charged with the murder of the two agents, Dino Butler & Robert Robideau, were acquitted & released on grounds of “Self-Defense.”

So how is Leonard Peltier convicted of Aiding & Abetting?..for Self-Defense??! For 47years!

See y’all in Sacramento! AIM high! ✊🏽🦅🌵


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