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About Anthony G. Gonzales

Antonio Gonzales, Comca’Ac (Seri)/ Chicano, founded AIM-West in 2007 building on a lifetime of activism. He builds unity & solidarity grounded in spiritual values between Indigenous people of all colors by emphasizing their shared history and a common vision for the future. Born and raised in foster care in Fresno California, Antonio brings his lived experience to his daily work. 

As a Vietnam combat veteran (68-69), Antonio lived the horror of war and was inspired to work for human rights. A graduate of Fresno City College (77), Antonio began community organizing with Fresno Community Action (EOC). He broadened his experience working with The Children’s Rights Group in San Francisco.  Antonio was introduced to the American Indian Movement (AIM) by his mentor Bill Wahpepah. This introduction opened the doorway to engaging with Indigenous leaders across the Americas. 

In 1982 Antonio began working with the International Indian Treaty Council, the first Indigenous NGO in the UN, and eventually became the UN Liaison. In that capacity Antonio has had the privilege of traveling globally, speaking at UN forums and at public events, and working closely with Indigenous representatives.

Antonio currently hosts KPFA radio “Bay Native Circle” and “Across Indian Land” and is the TV host to “Eagle and Condor” at San Francisco BAVC Media. 

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