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Solidarity with Leonard Peltier

All My Relations, Companeros, Friends in Solidarity,

In view of what occured Tuesday to our friend, Sun Dance Brother, a GrandFather and Elder, Leonard Peltier, AIM-WEST calls on friends and allies to come out this Friday, Jan. 23, in San Francisco and demonstrate their solidarity and deep concern for Leonard's life, safety and security.

The rally in San Francisco, is at the Federal Building starting from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., at the corner of Mission Street and Seventh Street, across from the 9th District Federal Courthouse (near Civic Center Bart Station).

Our allies are encouraged to hold rallies and demonstrations in cities across the country, and throughout the world, and register their concern as well, those who know the case of Leonard Peltier's imprisonment these last thirty-three years. This is a moment in time where we can take the opportunity to share with the outside world another example, and further expose the treatment and injustices committed against Indigenous peoples' held hostage by an oppressive government.

Join with us and show your disgust against the justice system; the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in their obvious attempt to sabotage Leonard's parole plans. They are responsible with callously and maliciously orchestrating an order to transfer Leonard Peltier to a lesser security prison with complete disregard for his life, placed into a dangerous situation whereby creates an environment which would cause, or provoke an attempt to harm his life; or to revoke any possibility for his release from prison any time soon, as

per Leonard's unwillingness to submit to an "incident report" of the attack.

Leonard needs to be transferred to another prison for his safety and well-being, now!

Meanwhile, we need to direct our demands on Leonard's behalf to the attention to the Office of President Obama, and to the Director of Office of Bureau of Federal Prisons, and express to them our demand for Leonard's health care, nutritional and medical needs as well.

We will file an official complaint with the Office of Attorney General to investigate the FBI for their role and involvement in the circumstances that lead to Leonard's transfer to a lower level security prison.

Further, we call upon the offices of Congresswoman Pelosi, Congressman Don Conyers, and Congresswoman Barbara Waters, and U.S. Senators to investigate the possible implications of the Federal government's offfices staging an assault on Leonard's life, and of their obligation to protect our Elder.

Finally, we call on the attention of appropriate offices of the United Nations be alerted by registering our complaint to the Office of UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples, Prof. James Anaya, and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Specifically, we call for an investigation on U.S. prisoners held unjustly longer than 30 years without parole, with reference to a US statute such as in Leonard's case.

Tony Gonzales



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