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AIM-WEST will host the First International Conference of the American Indian Movement (AIM)

AIM-WEST will host the First International Conference of the American Indian Movement (AIM), November 22-27, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Last year at the annual AIM-WEST gathering in November Mr. Clyde Bellecourt, co-founder of the National AIM, proclaimed that such an international conference be held in an effort to energies communities, and organize AIM chapters in their countries!

This year’s annual conference is an opportunity for AIM friends, supporters and organizations in solidarity with Indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere, to come together and exchange related issues of concern, seek solutions, and develop strategic plans together.

Among the themes or focus of the conference will be to address Climate Change and to devise a strategy or a plan for COP-16 in Cancun (November 30-December 10) based on the Bolivian Mother Earth Declaration. Also issues for discussion will include food security and sustainability, health, obesity and diabetes, immigration, institutional racism, youth and justice system, sacred sites and religious freedom, disenrollment and the BIA, political prisoners and Leonard Peltier, green economy conversion for sustainable futures, Mineral Extraction/Exploitation, Ratified and Un-ratified Treaties and Agreements, international relations and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Stay posted to AIM-WEST website for more information and details regarding location, agenda, speakers and presenters. If you wish to volunteer your time please call 415-577-1492. AIM-WEST will also be hosting a pre-Unthanksgiving Dinner on Wednesday, November 24th; everyone is encouraged to attend the Alcatraz Sunrise Gathering on Thursday 25th; and concert performance on Friday, “Native American Day.”

Thank you all my relations!

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