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Press Statement Regards Glen Cove, Vallejo, California

April 12, 2011

For more information call 415-577-1492

To Whom It May Concern,

AIM-WEST, a bay area human rights organization, and the American Indian Movement (AIM) are outraged at the City of Vallejo for its failure to respond positively to the consistent and persistent spiritual wishes and concerns of our Elders with regard to the pending decision to begin desecration plans beginning Friday, April 15, 2011 upon a highly regarded sacred burial site.

For over ten years the American Indian community has met with city officials and to no avail regarding this grave matter. Yet, the city of Vallejo is determined, and intent on re-develop plans to pave over the well known sacred burial site with toilets, etc. in a designated area far removed from the city at any cost regardless of other burdening needs of the city. All this while the city is facing a budget deficit and bankruptcy! The city of Vallejo is expressing its prejudice in its stubborn selection to complete this project that it seeks to undertake; of disturbing an ancient burial site, and failing to honor the spiritual freedom of American Indians. The city of Vallejo is violating the right of our ancestors to peace and tranquility by disrespecting their final resting place. International standards for the rights of Indigenous peoples are also being disregarded and AIM-WEST will bring this to the attention of the proper human rights bodies of the United Nations.

Further, AIM-WEST will encourage for complete resolution for protection of the Sogorea Te sacred site to the extent it will do what is necessary to halt the destruction of the sacred shell mound site, and until the matter is brought before the citizens of Vallejo to decide for themselves. Accordingly, we will encourage that non-partisan candidates be considered who will qualify and run for city office in elections come November 2011! More specifically, we will call for candidates to fill the seats open on three city council positions plus an open position for Mayor of Vallejo!

We will encourage our friends and allies to form committees and outreach voter registration campaigns, form coalitions with the African and Latino and non-Indian organizations, and door to door knocking strategies to seek support and protection from the community itself!

Participation in the elector process has become an inevitable step for the American Indian communities to assert and protection of our rights in city governance. This has led us to the conclusion that in an effort to harness and channel the energy and emotions generated by this issue have stirred us to find alternative solutions for protecting our ancestor’s resting places in the cities where we live.

This will also provide the vehicle to address these and other disturbing actions more publicly to the city of Vallejo by reverting to the ballot box for it is the people that have the ultimate power to make changes to protection of our inherent and civil rights. We must call for a regime change at the local level compatible with the needs of the local and native peoples, may it start today!

Aho, All My Relations!

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