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Exploratory Committee to elect Dennis J. Banks as Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Chairman - 2012

by Dennis Banks on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 1:54pm August 2, 2011 Effective this date i am establishing an exploratory committee for the position of Chairman of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 2012. This committee will assist me in the development of a Grand Council of elders to formally be seated to direct the future activities of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. Since my return to the rez in 1998 i have heard promise after promise that would allow elders to decide major decisions for the band. In these 13 years i have witnessed only yelling, screaming, harrassment and many recall elections that have caused major embarassment of our once Great Nation. No longer should we see our Natural Resources be sold or given away. No longer should our gifted & wise elders be ignored or looked upon as senior citizens that do not have anything to offer. No longer should we allow our wonderful land to be used as shelters for dope addicts and dope sellers and become places of shame. No longer must we allow our young people to go unnoticed, unprotected & unwanted; living a life that is without destiny. We have also seen the human resources needed to survive all to often in the distance. Only reserved for elected & appointed officials. The establishment of a Grand Council is a return to the ways our people were governed not so long ago. IT IS TIME WE BRING THAT COUNCIL BACK! I believe we can go forward with youth & elders together to frame our future. To excell once agin with: GOOD HEALTH A return to vegetable gardens in every backyard is a must if we want to return to good nutritional meals. We must halt Diabetes in our commmunities.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WELLNESS PROGRAM We need & must have operating wellness programs in every district or every community. Walking & Running must be common once again.


HOME IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM During the last 100 years many of our people have been trained as Carpenters, Plumbers & Electricians. Lets put them to work again building our homes. Lets NOT wait for grants or handouts, Lets pull together and make our own future.


CASINOS Too often we have interfered with the day to day operations of our three casinos. Lets leave the casinos to those hired; to manage them; to work for them; and to those who will care for them.


TREATY EDUCATION SEMINARS To educate all of us on the relevant treaties that affect our territories, our rights to hunt, fish, gather wild rice, herbal roots & medicinal foods 7 berries. Dennis J. Banks

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