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The Oakland Intertribal Friendship House 57th anniversary

The Oakland Intertribal Friendship House, a famous gathering place in the bay area, celebrated it's 57th anniversary Saturday Oct. 20, 2012 with prayer, food and sharing experiences accumulated over the years. For those not familiar with the Intertribal Friendship House, it is considered the oldest urban indigenous community center west of the Mississippi River. The community center established since the mid-50's in response to the US governments failed re-location (and job training falling far short of it's goals) program and strategy to depopulated reservations. In photo below, IFH Board member Janet King, and volunteer Theo Yazzie greet Elder, and comic MC, the bay area's own icon Wavy Gravy (and partner Jah) in the House to extend spiritual solidarity and much success to IFH, and the Executive Director Ms.Carol Wahpepah, as we move forward into the future!

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