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Mishewal Wappo Tribe

Wanted to let u know Tony attended a discussion @ Santa Rosa Jr College on April 5th, sponsored by the Mishewal Wappo Tribe & their struggle to regain there federal recognition. The tribe will be @ the9th circuit court of appeals on June 11th. The tribe had recently won their decision to procede with their federal recognition, so the counties (Napa, Sonoma) filed an appeal & that will be heard June 11th in SF. The FINAL showdown will be in San Jose @ the courthouse on 1st street on July 25th. The courts will decide whether or not the tribe will regain their status as a federally recognized tribe, I hope we can all rally & support this tribe's fight, they are up against BIG MONEY from the Wine Industry. Please pass this info onto all the AIMSTERS & our supporters.

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