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Peltier's statement to Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz, now in St Louis. By Leonard Peltier:


I want to take some time to thank each and every one of you for committing to do this walk and to carry prayers for me. I also want to acknowledge and thank your families for supporting you and being understanding of the time you are taking to complete this walk. I know it can be a hardship so please know that I appreciate you remembering and doing this for me. I only ask that you keep clear minds and good thoughts as you continue this journey.

In our stories among my people, we say that at times like this, an eagle or a hawk will visit, to see what you are doing. We as Native people know that not only are they visiting to see what you are doing, but they have been sent to collect the thoughts and prayers of the people, to carry them back to the Creator.

At one time, we as humans, were able to communicate directly with all living things, especially the animals. Although we have lost that ability to a degree, the animal life still carries on with their responsibility, and therefore, are messengers for the Creator. Please, for me, let the message they take back to the Creator be a positive reflection, of who we are as relatives to one another. I will send my good thoughts with you at this time.

Photo by April Rhodes

In my mind, I am walking with you. Please, be safe. Doksha!

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

Leonard Peltier VIDEO of Lisa reading the statement Thursday to walkers:

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