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War on Diabetes

The campaign will be launched in a motorcycle ride across Indian land starting Saturday, August 23, 2014 from San Francisco Crissy Field and due to arrive in Washington DC on September 26th. The event begins at sunrise with a ceremonial blessing of song, drum, sage, at 6 am to 8:30 am. The public and motorcycle people interested to join the occasion for a successful send-off are welcome to attend. The purpose is to bring attention to the high rate of Indigenous peoples in urban cities, and on reservations who are afflicted with this dreadful chronic disease due to poor health and nutrition. In the words of Mr. Banks "If we don't address this medical issue now there will be no 7th generation that will be healthy." Indian Health Services (IHS) have stated that diabetes in the native community is at 12-15%. The overarching goal is to provide for a sustainable lifestyle with a vision for a healthy seventh generation. The objective will be to conduct meetings, attend "health fairs" along the way and a survey zig-zagging to at least 72 villages and reservations in the lower 48 leaving from four cities; San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Information regarding Alaska and Hawaii will be collected by email. The motorcycle ride will cover approximately 18,000 miles arriving in Washington DC after collecting information and critical data calling on the US congress to take immediate action for the health of the American Indians. The data will assist in the formulation of a national plan to reverse diabetes and a national policy that the US congress will be asked to take legislative action on. The US government has Treaties with Indian Nations to uphold and a federal obligation to maintain their health and well-being. Anyone who wishes to assist on the pre-planning or wants to participate as a rider volunteer, please contact Goody Cloud Email: Phone: (218) 556-8429 or (218) 407-4788 San Fransisco Route Coordinator: Darla Banks- Email: Phone: (763) 354-9434 or (218) 760-1771

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