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United Nations Side event

Join with American Indian Movement (AIM), AIM-WEST, and global representatives from North, Central, and South America, Oceana, and Africa, at the side-event!

As the UN High Level Plenary Meeting (UN HLPM) arrives next week in NYC, it is vitally important for Indigenous nations, and peoples, to (better) understand how the United Nations system works, and the meeting that took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by and with Indigenous peoples, and non-governmental organization (NGO), with the Global Coordinating Group (GCG) in preparation to the September 22-23, 2014 UN HLPM, otherwise known as the “World Conference for Indigenous Peoples” (WCIP).

Suffice to say, and as the GCG February report refers in the link below, AIM-WEST having attended their meeting, proposed for change, and an upgrade of, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIP), to a CONVENTION, called for parallel activities including a side-event to be held during HLPM, to elaborate further on development of a strategic plan. Refer to the attached article by Julian Burger, as the working paper at side-event.

Location: American Indian Community House 254 W.29th St. 2 Flr. (8th Ave.) NYC Date: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st Time: 10 am – 12 Noon 12 – 1 pm snacks/refreshments*** FILM SCREENING: “Bridge to the Future” DOCIP production, 2014 (39 min.) AIM, AND AIMWEST, with regional representatives will also hold A PRESS CONFERENCE, after the HLPM: Date: September 24, 2010 Location: American Indian Community House 254 W. 29th St. 2 Flr. (8th Ave.) Time: 11 am – 12 noon PRESS meets regional representatives with perspectives on HLPM, calling for a change…. 12 – 2 pm RECEPTION; food, refreshments, song and music, cultural exchange, sage…(no alcohol, please). AIM, AIM-WEST, and regional representatives encourage your support to attend and learn more about the campaign to move the historic DRIP toward a Convention. Please come with an endorsement to initiate, or consider calling from your organizations, on the UN system, to start the process from the DRIP to a Convention. On Behalf of AIM, AIM-WEST, and regional representatives coalition (Symposium 77’ & 81), I wish to extend invitations to Indigenous nations, peoples, NGOs and nation/states of the UN, are especially welcome to attend all of our functions/activities. (please share information with respectful peoples!) ALL My Relations, Antonio Gonzales AIM-WEST Director 415-577-1492

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