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Letter to Assemblyman Luis Alejo in support of AB 30 to stop the use of racist mascots in our school

Please copy, paste into word doc., Bold the words SUPPORT, sign and mail asap to help support AB 30 to stop the use of racist mascots in our schools still using Redsk*ins . Assembly member Luis Alejo PO Box 942849 Sacramento, CA. 95249-0030 Dear Assemblyman Alejo: I am writing in support of the proposed bill, AB 30. Passing this bill will work to guarantee California Public schools remain a welcoming and safe space for students of all ethnic backgrounds. By enacting AB 30 into law, the State of California will make a strong statement in caring for the well-being of Native American students. Statistics published by the National Indian Education Study show that Native American students are the least likely ethnic group to achieve academic success, which has been directly tied to alienation in the classroom. By eliminating race-based mascots, such as the “Redskins”, California has the ability to invest in the mental health of Native American students. The term “Redskin”, by definition, is a racial slur. The National Congress of American Indians, The Center for Native American Youth, The Center for American Progress, and dozens of other high-profile organizations and individuals have been outspoken against the team name “Redskins” and the use of race-based mascots. By listening to these organizations and individuals, California can enact law that guarantees civil rights to Native Americans. By approving AB 30, California can further ensure that students of all backgrounds have access to equal rights and opportunities in the educational institutions of California. In closing, I would like to express my gratitude to you for leading this fight against race-based mascots on behalf of Native American students across the state and I stand with you in SUPPORT of passing AB 30. Sincerely,

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