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Indigenous Block at the March for Climate Leadership

On Saturday, February 7th, Ogawa/Grant Plaza (14th & Broadway, Oakland - 11:30 am) people will be arriving from all over California to take a stand against fracking and to protect Mother Earth's biosphere. We are calling on all Native & First Nations people living in California to join us as part of the Indigenous Block as we raise our hearts, voices and bodies up for clean water, air and soil. As Native people, we understand that everything is connected and related. We love the spirits of the waters, the air, the soil and all of the relations with whom we share Mother Earth's biosphere. It is our responsibility to speak up on their behalf when our human relatives harm them. (Please check back for details about the location) This is what we are up against - the push from corporations to extract the last fossil fuel from Mother Earth's belly: Fracking in the U.S. creates 280 billions of gallons of waste water each year. Fracking uses 600+ toxic chemicals. There are 800,000+ fracking wells in the U.S. The good news is that over 19 U.S. communities have used rights based ordinances to BAN Fracking! “We die from fracking. The population is suffering from cancer; my sister has died. The water is contaminated; we cannot fish. We are in danger of extinction,” Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Elder testifying at the International Tribunal on violations to the rights of nature, Peru, Dec. 2014 It's past time to rise up! More info:

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