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Press Release: Carquinez Coalition to Change the Mascot (CCCM)

Press Release

Carquinez Coalition to Change the Mascot (CCCM) By: Angel Heart February 4, 2015

Rodeo, California-

In October of 2013, Sacred Sites Protection and Rights of Indigenous Tribes (SSPRIT) advised the Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD) Board of Education to remove its mascot; Apache. Several organizations made a show of support in the removal of the Vallejo High School Mascot including American Indian Movement West, ACLU of Northern California, NAACP/Vallejo Branch and The A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition. VCUSD unanimously voted to remove and change the Vallejo High School Mascot. As a result, SSPRIT was contacted by John Swett Unified School District (JSUSD) Alumni wanting to remove the John Swett High School (JSHS) Mascot; Indians. All parties met and agreed that action needed to be taken; Carquinez Coalition to Change the Mascot was created.

Carquinez Coalition to Change the Mascot (CCCM) is a coalition founded by Sacred Sites Protection and Rights of Indigenous Tribes, ACLU of Northern CA, AIM West, JSUSD Alumni and City of Crockett community members. We realize that JSUSD and JSHS had already taken responsible action by removing offensive imagery associated with the JSHS Mascot. We acknowledge and appreciate this action and encourage the school district to take further steps by removing the mascot. CCCM has had several meetings with JSUSD Superintendent Rob Stockberger and JSHS Principal Jeff Brauning. The coalition was advised to do community outreach.

One year later, the date is here and community outreach is done. On February 11, 2015 @ 6pm, JSUSD Board of Education will be voting to either keep or remove the mascot. Of course we are hoping for the latter. Please join us! JSUSD District Office is located at 400 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA. Show your support by attending this historical occasion. All are Welcome!

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