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CALL TO ACTION: Pope Overlooks ‘Cultural Genocide’ In Canonizing of Junipero Serra

Serra is/was no Saint!

I urge the public to continue exposing the atrocities of Friar Junipero Serra's rein while under his watch when he was in California, by working the media, and to educate the public, and gain their support in solidarity. We need to encourage a flood of letters directed to the Pope requesting he meet with Indigenous peoples and nations of California affected by that dark period of colonization and his need to know the "inconvenient truth" about who Friar Junipero Serra really was. Is it possible the Pope doesn't really know the facts about Friar Serra, or will he disregard the history and sweep it under the rug? We shall see. Already their is legislation in California calling for the removal of Friar Junipero Serra's ( by Senator Richardo Lara) statute from the Washington D.C. Rotunda where the Friar has rested since 1931! I would like to think the Pope is courageous and dignified enough to reverse his decision of canonization, and in this way gain the respect and support of the entire world fore they will all know before September 23, on his arrival to the USA, the kind of person he and the church are. There is always time to recover. Friends in solidarity should also send copies of their letters to Chairman Valentin Lopez, at: Or: Valentin Lopez President P.O. Box 5272 Galt, California 95632 (916-743-5833) And a copy also to AIM-WEST. Thank you, Antonio Gonzales AIM-WEST director

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