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"Bay Native Circle" - 94.1 FM KPFA

This week on Bay Native Circle, Ms. Morning Star Gali talks Race Counts: indictors (and disparities) for better response to needs in the community. Ms. Sarah Eagle Heart, Executive Director of Native Americans in Philanthropy, discusses issues on providing the necessary educational support regarding ‘movement’ oriented causes, such as LGBT issues, collaborating with Hispanics in Philanthropy, and "Indigenous Women Rise” in conjunction with The California Endowment and Men and Boys of Color, My Brothers Keeper; Bay Native Calendar for Bay Area events. We have a phone interview with Wounded Knee DeOcampo on the original "Longest Walk of 1978” (Trail of Broken Treaties) and an update on the current LW5.2 theme “No to Drugs and Domestic Violence” arriving in Washington DC July 2017; and a CD of 2006 “Sacred Run” Concert with Dennis Banks, Peter Coyote, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Pete Seeger, David Amram, comedians Charlie Hill and WAVY GRAVEY blues…! Enjoy the wave!

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