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La Onda Bajita | KPFA segment "Across Indian Land"-& Low Rider Soul

Tonight“Across Indian Land” (8:30-9 pm) on "La Onda Bajita” (8-10 pm). your host, Tony Gonzales, provides interview on the "Longest Walk 5.2” who arrived now in South Dakota, with Wounded Knee; and an interview with Eloy Martinez, a Bay Area Chicano-Indio. Also, not to miss, The SF Film festival included the new move "Dolores". A personal documentary of Dolores Huerta. See the opening premier at the historic Castro Theatre with Q&A live. The film was directed by Peter Bratt, and produced by Carlos Santana. The film will open to the public in September, mark your calendars now! Happy Birthday to Dolores Huerta (87 winters) April 12! Also Dennis Banks (80 winters) April 12th, and Emiliano Zapata, also April 12!!! aho!​

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