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La Onda Bajita

Welcome to another segment of “Across Indian Land” from 8;30-9 pm on La Onda Bajita Chicano lower rider show, in Berkeley radio KPFA 94.1 fm. I host this segment the second and third Friday each month. Tonight’s segment is dedicated to Michael Smith, Executive Director, of the American Indian Film Institute. I will also interview Bobbly Wallace, National Chief Coordinator for the Longest Walk (AIM) 5.3 which now starts across the USA on July 18th from Bellingham, WA; and with Michael Horse, actor, artist, activist, will talk to us about Michael Smith, Executive Director of the American Indian Film for 44 years who on February 14th, after 66 winters the sun set. We’ll hear also a tape of Jimbo Simmons recorded in March 1978 about the Longest Walk; and music “Going Home” by Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman.

EVERYBODY WELCOME! February 27th is “Liberation Day” proclaimed by the Pine Ridge Tribal Council/Nation, in South Dakota to honor the warriors who were at Wounded Knee in 1973 during the siege for 71 days. AIM-WEST will host in San Francisco several veterans/warriors who went to Wounded Knee 45 years ago to defend the Black Hills and honor the Treaties (1868)! Nothing’s been the same since! AHO! Location: 2969 Mission Street (26th St.) 6-9:30 pm. Films, panel,Traditional Danzantes, vendors, a raffle! A pot-luck, bring a dish! Donation at door!

Its 2018! Why is Leonard Peltier still in prison!

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