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Bay Native Circle

Tonight on KPFA radio “Bay Native Circle” I salute the Indigenous revolutionaries of the EZLN on their 25th Anniversary (against NAFTA) in the autonomous Lacondon region in Mexico. We’ll aslo hear a recording (Youtube) from US Senate Hearings (Indian Affairs Committee) held December 12, 2018 "Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women” and brave testimony from Ms. Kimberly Heavy- Runner, sister of Ashley, went missing June 12, 2017. I will also be speaking with Ms. Jean Roach, representing Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier, ( with an update on his campaign for Clemency from the President.

At 7:30 pm the Bay Native Calendar is read by Bismarck Delgado, music tonight by AIM Russell Means with “AIM is Still Alive” and “Ms. God” (CD Electric Warrior-1993), also Bolivian flutes with “Coplas de Marzo", and then James Bilagody, Navajo, (Bee-la-go-dee) and the Cremains with "Truck Stop Cheii” (2003).

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