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Across Indian Land

Tonight on 94.1 fm KPFA radio segment (8:30-9 pm) “Across Indian Land” (live streaming I will be interviewing 1973 Wounded Knee veteran Ms. Jessie Riddle, in the studio! On the occasion of its 46th anniversary! But before I do please prepare to play the 7:50 minute tape below, of testimonies from warriors who were also at the Knee, right after my greetings and introduction of the night’s program. (Taken from the film documentary “Tattoo on My Heart”) I will then introduce Ms. Jessie at about 8:45 and we’ll go to maybe 8:55 and then let’s close with the song by Buffy St. Marie “Bury my Heart At Wounded Knee.” Thanks in advance...for a good show! Aho! El ton

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