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La Onda Bajita

New Episode here! In tonight’s radio show I interviewed Companero Francisco Herrera about the border with USA and Mexico, the caravan and refugees seeking asylum. We focus on the death of two Guatemalan children while in custody of the ICE immigration dept. and where people can lend a hand or donations. We will also hear a report on the recent election results (by FNX, Indian Country Today) and how it affects and inspired Indian peoples; and we’ll hear a film-recording of the late great Wise Elder Companero Floyd Red Crow (Yanghi Luta) Westerman (film “The Fifth Gate” by Bente Milton). With the calendar announcements by Bismarck Delgado, and music by Mickey Free, and the Common Man Singers with Eric Bull Head, I hope you enjoy BCN last show of the year 2018.

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