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Native Bay Circle

Today on “Bay Native Circle” is dedicated to the family of Raymond “Pop” James Brown who passed on to spirit world on June 14th. I then Interview ms. Nita De Barajas about the 50 year anniversary of “Indians of All Tribes” reunion of Alcatraz Island “The Rock” (Nov. 1969-June 1971). The Reunion includes four days of activities with a free musical concert with Buffy Saint Marie! I also speak with community members Mari Villaluna and Amy Anderson about a controversial mural (fresco) painting at SF Washington High School that indigenous peoples, students, parents, teachers and organizations like NAACP find offensive, if not racist! The School Board of Trustees is called to remove, cover it, or white-washed and has no place in an education institution. A final decision will be rendered next Tuesday, June 25th at 555 Franklin St at 5 pm! The “Bay Native Calendar” is read by Theresa Gonzales-Lobaco, and music by Floyd Red-Crow Westerman. All this and more, stay tuned! All my relations! Tony Gonzales Host, Bay Native Circle

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