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Bay Native Circle

In this week’s "Bay Native Circle” (BNC) AII intervieM leader w Bill Means about what the 4th of July (or ‘false of you lie’) means to him, and asked him also for a brief update on the recent shootings and the killing of Clarence Leading Fighter in Rushville, Nebraska by police in April. I also interview American Indian bay area artist in residence, Michael Horse, on the recent unanimous and courageous vote rendered by the San Francisco School Board of Education to white-wash or cover over an “offensive” mural at Washington High School.

The decision by the School Board has split the community who threatened to sue, who by and large are progressives and have supported peoples of color issues. The community is reminded this was not a free speech issue but rather social justice and of what’s right for First Peoples of not to be seeing a dead Indian everyday at school!

The BNC calendar reading is by Mckena Zamorano, and during the second portion of the show and in the studio I will talk with ms. Courtney Cummings about what preparations for the 2020 Census in Richmond, and also about a coal company that wants to ship coal through the Richmond port which the citizenry is against!

Music by Northern Cree

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