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La Onda Bajita

On KPFA radio 94.1 fm "La Onda Bajita” show (8-10 pm everyone Friday night) I host the half segment of “Across Indian Land” (8:30-9 pm each second & third Friday see below).

Tonight I will be speaking with Lenny Foster, spiritual advisor to political prisoner Leonard Peltier ( about Alcatraz occupation (69-71) and 50 year reunion this November; and, also about the scheduled federal execution of Lezmond Mitchell (Navajo/Dine) in December 11, 2019.

I will also be speaking in the studio with Ms. Arianna Ramirez and Ms. Michelle Antone about the SF Washington High School controversial mural and the final vote rendered by the School Board last Tuesday, August 13th to cover up the mural. The vote was modified from the initial unanimous vote on June 25th to paint-over, or cover up, which ever is quicker, to now a compromise, of a way to cover up the mural titled “The Life of George Washington.”

The hatchet is not buried yet because their are those who feel the coverup is still censorship, and still others who won’t stop until the mural is painted over!

With music by Dr. Loco and the Rockin Jalapeños “La Migra” stay tuned!!

*Reminder: Watch this Sunday, August 18, AIM-WEST' new TV show “Eagle and the Condor” from 4-5 pm live streaming at or in SF channel 29. The TV show is presented every second and fourth Sunday each month! If you have news to share, just call or write to me!

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