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Bay Native Circle

Tonight on “Bay Native Circle” is dedicate to the Warriors of Wounded Knee (WK) 1973 and in Solidarity on it’s Anniversary on February 27th.

I will first interview Jessie Riddle, WK 73’ Vet to share a story; Chairman Dee Dee Ybarra, about Super-Bowl & Racism in mascots of Kansas City NFL team, and what the 49er symbolizes, and SoCal AIM press release statement.

At 7:30 pm Bay Native Calendar reading by Theresa Lobaco; then interviews with Leila Salazar Director of Amazon Watch, on Brazil Indigenous peoples/issues; and, Gloria LaRiva of Answer Coalition, with a report on recent visit with political prisoner Leonard Peltier!

Music by: Buffy Sainte-Marie with “The War Racket” enjoy the waves!

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