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Commemorating 40 years of Zapatismo Today at Noon!

Today at noon!

Walk begins at Lake Merrit and ends at EastSide Arts Alliance

Bring comfortable shoes, water, banners, drums., art, and poetry

Commemorating 40 years of Zapatismo

12pm: Meet at Lake Merritt Amphitheatre (Lake Merritt Blvd by 1st Ave)

12:10pm: Intergalactic gathering sharing of words, solidarity and blessings.

1pm: Intergalactic Walk to EastSide Arts Alliance located at 2277 International Blvd. We will walk along E14th / International Blvd. (About 2 miles).

1:45pm: Rally at the corner of Reconstruction Plaza (23rd Ave and E14th)

2:45pm: Closing

The Intergalactic Walk for Life commemorates 40 years of the founding of the EZLN, The Zapatista Army of National Liberation, founded on November 17, 1983.

The Intergalactic Walk for Life is a declaration and an affirmation from us here is East Oakland that we have big dreams, dreams of a world rooted in Life where art, poetry and intergalactic solidarity stand in deep contrast to the systems of death imposed on our communities for centuries.

From Oakland to Chaiapas to Palestine - walk for Life

The Intergalactic Walk is part of Intergalactic Blvd: an Oakland Portal an exhibition by Rigo 23 and Collaborators currently on view at 2285 gallery at EastSide Arts Alliance.

A link to the event can be found here:


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