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6/21/23 Bay Native Circle: Morning Star Gali speaks on 100 mile Run & Bill Means & Tony Talk

On the lasted episode of Bay Native Circle, Morning Star Gali gives updates on events and activities surrounding a 100 mile American Indian Spiritual Marathon Run Relay from Pit River to Redwood Valley.

Then Bill Means and Tony Gonzales discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling surrounding the Indian Child Welfare act & with laws surrounding police accountability.

(Quoted from Morning Star Gali's Facebook post:)

Summer solstice blessings. Sunday June18th Jun-san Yasuda - Grafton Peace Pagoda

started her prayer walk with 19 walkers in iss awe where we welcomed them in with ceremony & prayers made. The sacred fire for world peace & prayer day was lit at the redding rancheria arbor & elk flat. Monday the CA 500 Mile American Indian Spiritual Marathon runners started their 5 day 100 mile a day relay journey from Pit River to redwood valley. So much gratitude to Joseph Silvas and Aunt Cil for continuing on 20+ years of hosting the runners, so much gratitude to Louise Davis for coordinating the 3 day Big Time before hosting 4 days of World Peace and Prayer Day events. To all the cooks, fire keepers, walkers, runners, children & participants we are so grateful


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