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Across Indian Lands 06-09-2023 with Chacko Wahpepah, Jesse Short Bull, Aiko Little, Michele Maas

On Friday June 9th's edition of Across Indian Lands, special guests include: Michele Maas World Oceans Day & sacred water, Aiko Little on Native Americans & Indigenous peoples lead strike at Disney’s in Burbank re Hollywood Steike; Chacko Sandino Wahpepah on Youth & Well-being project; and, Jesse Short Bull on his new film as co-Director “Lakota Nation vs US government.” Special program for Fathers & Graduates!  A sober Indian is a dangerous Indian! Please Listen & Share! Ajo! ✊🏽🦅

Listen to the episode using the link below (as well as older episodes!)

Top Left: Jesse Short Bull; Top Right: Aiko Little; Bottom Left: Chacko Sandino Wahpepah; Bottom Right: Michele Maas


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