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Honoring Leonard Peltier on 06/26/22 6 - 8pm; 47th Anniversary of Shootout @ Oglala

On Sunday 26th June 2022, please join Leonard Peltier Support Group Silicon Valley in San Jose California to honor Leonard Peltier on the 47th Anniversary of the Shootout at Oglala on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. If you can, please bring something to eat or drink to share with others. Please DO NOT bring any alcoholic beverages. Speakers/Performers: Tony Gonzales - AIM-West director, Comca 'Ac/Chicano, Opening Prayer Mexica Traditional Teo Kalli dancers Francisco Herrera singing songs of Freedom for Leonard Peltier Carol Robideau - Chippewa White Earth, Aunt of Leonard Peltier, reading her own Statement Brian M. Smith - reading Statement by Leonard Peltier Sharat Lin - dancing the Dance of Peace to a Native American song The Shootout happened on 26th June 1975. During the Shootout Joseph Stuntz was murdered by a shot to his forehead and two FBI agents were killed. Leonard Peltier was framed by the FBI for their deaths. The FBI know Leonard Peltier is innocent because the FBI fabricated all the evidence against him and coerced witnesses to testify against him. The FBI also illegally extradited Leonard Peltier from Canada. His trial was totally unjust; there were more than 30 violations of his Constitutional Rights. Leonard Peltier is innocent and he has spent the last 46 years in prison for a crime he did not commit! Look for the two large Leonard Peltier banners. We are still looking for someone from Muwekma Ohlone or Tamien to give Opening Prayer & land acknowledgement. We are also looking for people to dance, perform poetry, hip-hop, spoken word, sing or other performance art to honor Leonard and to commemorate the more than 63 Lakota people who were killed on Pine Ridge during the Reign of Terror, including Joseph Stuntz. For more information about Leonard Peltier go to the official website: For more info about this event, contact Donna Wallach 408-569-6608


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