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The 2022 Run For Salmon Starts This Friday July 8th 2022!

— July 8: Run4Salmon 2022 Begins

— July 31: Run4Salmon 2022 Ends

Quoted from their website "Beginning in 2016, Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk along with our tribe and the support of a collective of Indigenous women, activists, and allies have been carrying out a journey that follows the historic pathway of our salmon in efforts to lay down prayers for their return as well as to raise awareness about the policies and issues threatening water, fish, and Indigenous life ways.

This 300-mile trek on foot, bicycle, canoe, and horse spans over several weeks and travels between the Winnemem Waywaket (McCloud River) to the Bay-Delta Estuary at the Ohlone site, Sogorea Te (Glen Cove, Vallejo, Ca).

This prayerful journey raises awareness about the importance of protecting our waters, restoring our salmon runs and revitalizing our Indigenous lifeways.

Phone & online interviews about Run4Salmon are available & encouraged. Contact to route your interview request to the direct contact."

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